This how to guide shows and describes how to change the brake pads when a car is fitted with TRW electric park brake (EPB).


Step 1: Use a diagnostic service tool

To correctly and safely change the brake pads on a vehicle equipped with TRW electric park brake (EPB), a diagnostic service tool must be used. Before any mechanical work is undertaken and the vehicle is put on the lift, use the diagnostic service tool to release the rear calipers and put the system in pad change mode.

The vehicle can now be placed on the lift, lifted and the wheels removed. Proceed to dismantle the caliper in the normal manner. Note: the piston must still be pushed back manually as the pressure nut does not retract the piston. Please ignore the keyways on the face of the piston. This is not a wind back procedure as with a mechanical caliper, but is a straight push back as shown in the video.

Remove the brake pads from the old carrier. Check the operation of the guide pins making sure they move freely and have no radial freeplay. Check the condition of the disc. If it is necessary to change the disc, remove the carrier from its mountings and proceed to remove the disc from the hub.

Clean the face of the hub and clean the area of the wheel speed sensor and encoder ring before fitting a new disc. Do not apply grease between the disc and hub mounting surfaces as this can lead to problems with run-out.

Reattach the carrier ensuring it is correctly torqued to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Clean the carrier where the spring clips are to be seated and replace with new spring clips. Fit the brake pads in. Do not apply any grease at all. Grease attracts brake dust and general dirt which in turn forms a grinding paste which leads to problems further down the line.

Reattach the caliper housing and torque up in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. With your diagnostic service tool, select the ‘close brakes’ operation and close the brake system up.


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